Maintenance Schedule Outlined

Lake Interlochen HOA Members:
The following Lake Interlochen maintenance schedule is currently in effect and provided for your information.


Maintenance personnel clean channel ends of trash. This includes such things as bottles, cans, plastic containers, trash bags, branches, lumber, dead fish, dead water fowl and other animals. Maintenance personnel also check pump/impound and outflow areas for any trash impeding water flow, removing same. Debris is bagged and left for city trash pick-up or taken to the city dump.

Periodic Maintenance

Maintenance personnel check and perform fountain/timer repair/maintenance as required.

Maintenance personnel also check valve stems and housing in the outflow area, and clean and lubricate as required. Additional pump/impound area maintenance will be required pending working condition of that equipment.

Water Testing

Water test samples are taken up to three times each year during May, June and August. Water samples are taken to the designated water test laboratory and tested for coliforms.

HOA Authorization/Approvals

HOA water maintenance authorizations and approvals are the responsibility of the assigned Water Maintenance Board Member/Alternate or Board President. Additional repairs and clean-up work to those outlined above are occasionally required and pre-approved.