HOA Information

Homeowners Association

Lake Interlochen Homeowners Association is an association established for the maintenance and upkeep of the canal system. This includes the impound and dam on Rush Creek and the inflow and outflow structures in our lake. It also has come to include water issues, wildlife management and other lake issues. Members of the association are made up of homeowners who live on the lake. Their properties extend to the center of the waterways and they grant an easement to the association for use by other members.


Resident Responsibility

Perhaps the number one responsibility of HOA members is to be vigilant in keeping grass clippings and leaves out of the waterways and street storm drains, all of which empty into the lake. Residents should instruct their yard crews to bag grass clippings and leaves, not blow them into the canal. The leaves and lawn clippings from yards that “harmlessly” go into the water will accumulate at the ends of the canals and cause major problems for your neighbors. In fact, grass clippings and leaves create the most costly aspect of waterway maintenance.

Also important is for HOA members to keep their shoreline trees trimmed so branches do not overhang the canals and hinder boating navigation right-of-way. A clearance of ten feet above the water surface is recommended.
Residents should be actively aware of any possible mosquito breeding places on their property, e.g. small boats and canoes that are filled with stagnant water.


Lake System Maintenance

Weekly, maintenance personnel clean channel ends of trash and skim off lawn clippings, and clear trash from the inflow and outflow areas. Periodically, maintenance is performed on the fountains and timers, and the inflow and outflow equipment.

Lake Interlochen water is tested twice each year in spring and summer. Laboratory testing results have always shown the water quality to be excellent. Each spring the lake is stocked with tilapia to help control algae.