Holiday Lights

Interlochen Holiday lights, a 40-year holiday tradition, is an extravaganza that attracts thousands of families to cruise through Arlington every December, providing miles of smiles to kids of all ages.

The hard working elves who create the wonderful Interlochen Holiday Lights year after year are just ordinary folks who love sharing the spirit of the season. They are rewarded by the enthusiasm from generations of families for whom visiting the Arlington attraction is a Christmas custom.

Many have watched this tradition grow from an idea by longtime resident and original developer Bob Findlay to a big time event that draws tourists from all over the region and is known throughout the world.

The free display continues thanks to both new and longtime neighbors who say they cherish seeing the sheer delight on the faces of the visitors. The good folks of Interlochen value the Christmas tradition so much they share the merriment by recycling their unused decorations with others in the iconic lakeside neighborhood, and a group of them volunteer to assist elderly neighbors with the task of decorating for the crowds.

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