Meeting Minutes – March 11, 2024

Lake Interlochen HOA Board Meeting
March 11, 2024 7:00pm @ Sobel residence

Directors attending: Ralph Sobel, Chris Slauter, Bruce Turner, Brenda Cubbage, Nancy Weaver, Tony Lester, Mike Saliba, David Duperre, and Brian Dawson Absent: Bryan Keathley

Absent: Bryan Keathley

Non-Board Architectural Committee: Pat Jenkins and Kim Besly

President Sobel called the meeting to order at 7:00pm.

New Officers were installed:

  • Ralph Sobel – President
  • Nancy Weaver – Vice President
  • Bruce Turner – Treasurer
  • Brenda Cubbage -Secretary
  • Chris Slauter – Asst. Treasurer & Secretary

David Duperre gave an update on the HOA website which is running smoothly. The HOA is going back to an e-directory in 2024.

Pat Jenkins, Chair of the Architectural Control Committee (“ACC”), gave a report regarding recent approvals, including replacements of a gate, shutters, a roof, and exterior paint jobs on various residences. A residence on San Juan has been found in violation of the covenants due to the color the house has been painted. Notices of violation have been sent and the owner has indicated they will make improvements.

A discussion was had regarding a sprinter van purchased by a resident as a personal vehicle and whether it violated the HOA covenants. The ACC determined that the van did not constitute a violation. A vote of the Board was requested and the ACC’s decision was confirmed.

Bruce Turner gave the Treasurer’s report for the first two months of 2024. Bruce presented the Balance Sheet, Profit and Loss, and A/R Aging financials. Follow-up notices with late fees will be sent to the homeowners who have not yet paid 2024 dues.

Tony Lester, the Chair of the Water Committee, presented several topics. The rains to date have been sufficient to keep water levels in the optimal range. Water quality is good and the usual water testing is planned for May, prior to Memorial Day. All fountains are up and running. Dredging is planned for March 13th at the West Channel end to clean up silt, leaves and mud. One beaver was caught in February at the end of the Old Channel and humanely released elsewhere. The trap was re-set but no other beaver has been caught. The trap has been removed, but residents are urged to report any further beaver activity. The tilapia will be delivered to the lake in the third week of April. The water temperature should be warm enough at that time ( over 60 degrees ). The costs for the fish are $77.00 higher than last year.

The impound and dam project continues to move slowly. The Army Corp of Engineers has received all the required documentation. The Corp has told Tony that approval is close, but they will not provide an exact time frame. Bill Simmons, the HOA contractor, has indicated he will be ready to start the project, once approval is given, sometime in May.

A runaway boat was discussed. Residents are urged to put identification on their boats.

Meeting was adjourned at 8:45 p.m.

Minutes submitted by Brenda Cubbage