Meeting Minutes – January 9, 2024

Lake Interlochen HOA 51st Annual Meeting
January 9, 2024 7:00pm @ Sobel residence

Directors attending: Ralph Sobel, Chris Slauter, Bruce Turner, Tony Lester, Brian Keathley, David Duperre, Brenda Cubbage, Brian Dawson, and Mike Saliba

Absent: Nancy Weaver

Architectural Committee attending: Janine Barber and Pat Jenkins

Absent: Kim Besley

President Sobel called the meeting to order at 6:55pm.

Our Beat Sergent from Arlington PD Megan Alrich as introduced. She was glad to be able to join us this year due to a shift change. A big thank was given to her from our residents for keeping an eye out for problems. Officer Alrich noted that they are always available to assist if there is a need.

President Sobel spoke to our members about the strong state of our HOA. We are in a good place for another good year. He also thanked retiring Director Ken Seipel for over a decade of service on the Board and his many contributions as Water Chair for most of those years.

David Duperre spoke about the website. There was a significant update to the site over the summer due to requirements from the GoDaddy hosting platform. All of our information was converted nicely to the new format. All photos have been uploaded including those from social media. The calendar has been updated as well. The next project is to update the directory which will be sent by email.

Bruce Turner outlined our finances. We are still collecting dues. Please send in your checks if you have not already. Our net gain in income last year was approximately $13,000, but Bruce reminded us we will have a significant dam repair bill coming up very soon. Expenses remain consistent with previous years.

Tony Lester spoke about the Water Committee. All the survey requirements from the Corps of Engineers have been completed and are are now awaiting final approval to begin repairs. The city of Arlington came back with some additional questions and which have been answered satisfactorily. Our impound area has done a good job bringing water from Rush Creek into the canals to keep them at optimal levels. Only during the hottest months when there was no water in the creek did we have a slight issue.

Dredging will begin again in 6-8 weeks on the Montreau and Findlay ends of the canals. The new homeowners near the disposal points have graciously agreed to allow us access to the canal from their yards. The fountains have all been repaired or replaced during the last year. The tilapia we continue to put in the canal for algae eating purposes as they continue to do a good job. We had an unfortunate incident during the last windstorm when a pontoon came loose from its dock and hit one of the fountains. The damage will be assessed shortly.

The AAC has approved three projects during the last month.

The neighborhood voted to approve new by-laws covering solar panel installation and generator installation. This change was necessary to keep up with Texas state laws that were enacted last year. With only 2 no votes, this was approved by the necessary margin.

Board President Sobel asked that we put forth the Board members as they stand. A motion to accept was made by Bruce Turner and seconded by Chris Slauter. All were in favor. HOA Board Directors: Brenda Cubbage, Bryan Keathley, Tony Lester, and Brian Dawson were re-elected unanimously to another two-year term. President Ralph Sobel received one no vote from his wife but in the end she gave her permission.

Anyone noticing the outage is encouraged to call Oncor even if the neighbors has already contacted them. The more calls the more quickly Oncor responds.

A thank you to Mike and Ken for their continued organization of the Boat Parades.

New Trash pick-up rules are coming in February. Residents will receive a new bin for their trash and collection will be reduced to once a week.

Meeting adjourned at 8:20pm.

Minutes submitted by Chris Slauter