Meeting Minutes – June 12, 2023

Lake Interlochen HOA Board Meeting
June 12, 2023 7:00pm @ Sobel residence

Directors attending: Ralph Sobel, Brenda Cubbage, David Duperre, Tony Lester, Michael Saliba, Ken Seipel, Chris Slauter, and Nancy Weaver

Absent: Bryan Keathley and Bruce Turner

Architectural Committee attending: Janine Barber

Guests attending: none

President Sobel called the meeting to order at 7:00pm. David Duperre reported the website is up to date and the calendar is correct. All issues with payment methods and ownership have been resolved with Ralph Sobel having back up access. It was requested if the original domain name of might soon be available and David offered to investigate.

Bruce Turner was out but left his report with Ralph which was reviewed by the board. There are still two households that have not paid their dues. Final attempts will be made to collect before liens are imposed. All bills are current, and our cash reserves are $206,000. Our reserve looks good at this point, but we still have a large expenditure looming in the dam repair and replacement.

Janine Barber reported on the ACC noting that a fence owner was in violation and recommended that the neighbors work the issue out between themselves. A resident wishing to install solar panels is talking with his neighbors and information is still being gathering. No decisions were made on this subject. Janinie also reported that a gazebo has been approved.

Tony reported on the water committee stating that our water levels are good and our gravity flow is keeping water levels at an optimum level. Water testing was done prior to Memorial Day and is safe from e.coli. The fountain along Westwood is inactive and repair work to it is going on.

The issue of dredging the canal end at Findlay and Montreau was brought up the cost of which has risen to $6,700.00. Chris made a motion to approve the expense and Brenda seconded it. All members were in favor.

No news of beaver activity on the canals. We will be receiving a bill of $400 from the trapper for the large beaver that was caught earlier this year.

In regards toward the dam repairs, we are still waiting on the engineering company to complete the Wetlands Assessment, Threatened and Endangered Wildlife investigation (WTES). We also must complete a Cultural Resources survey. Our costs will be approx. $8,000 for both surveys but the board is currently asking for lower competitive bids on these. Additionally, the water needs to recede before we can initiate the ground penetrating survey required by the city of Arlington.

Tilapia was introduced to 6 areas of our waterways on April 25th. Low limbs have not yet been trimmed by the water committee. Owners still have an opportunity to have their tree limbs removed. If not done soon, owners may receive a reminder and possibly a bill from the HOA if the trees are cut back by the HOA.

On the subject of the boat ramp along Westwood, we learned that it would require approval from the city of Arlington since it would be done over an existing culvert. The problem of size, appearance, and impact to the lake was also a concern along with increased cost. Other option for this are being investigated.

A huge Thank you to Tony for all he does to keep our waterways pristine!

Michael Saliba believed he witness someone draining water from a pool into the lake. There are regulations from the city explaining the process for draining a pool. Water must be de-chlorinated for 10 days and then put into a storm drain.

Additionally, a request was made for everyone yards for standing water. Submerged boats are especially friendly breeding grounds for mosquitos. There have been numerous cases of West Nile and the board asks that everyone be considerate of their neighbors.

Traffic counter wires have been appearing recently up and down Crowley. It is possible they are measuring traffic patterns for potential new stop signs along this route.

RASS Construction is attempting to get permits for building on the land next to Loch N Green and the college again. Residents of Loch N Green are opposed to this and our councilman is aware. The Interlochen HOA board members are also opposed this this.

We thank everyone for helping to make Interlochen a great neighborhood! 4th of July Parade details are coming shortly.

The meeting was adjourned at 8:40 p.m.

Minutes submitted by Chris Slauter