Meeting Minutes – January 10, 2022

Lake Interlochen HOA 49thAnnual Meeting
January 10, 2022 @ St. Stephen United Methodist Church

Directors attending: Ralph Sobel, Roger Pendleton, Ken Seipel,Brenda Cubbage, Chris Slauter, Tony Lester, Bruce Turner, Byron DeVries

Absent: Bryan Keathley, Nancy Weaver

HOA Members Attending: Dot Wightman, Debbie Simick, Dianna & Keith Flanigan, John Blackstone, Marva & Merton Hanks, Caryl DeVries

President Sobel called the meeting to order at 7 p.m. and gave a “State of the Neighborhood” summary, highlighting how fortunate Lake Interlochen residents are not only for the beauty of the lakeside community but the brilliant design by Bob Findlay which has maintained water levels and quality for half a century. Sobel noted the positive combination of long-time residents, many former Board members, and new families adding improvements keep Interlochen a vibrant neighborhood with a robust future.

Two of those new Lake Interlochen residents, Marva & Merton Hanks, attended the annual meeting. Hanks, selected to four Pro Bowl and three All-Pro teams, won the 1994 Super Bowl as a safety with the San Francisco 49ers. He was well known for his many interceptions and returns, as well as his unique “pigeon dance” celebrations – which were later emulated by basketball star Shaquille O’Neal.

Secretary Pendleton reported in addition to the annual meeting there were four Board meetings in 2021, each lasting a couple of hours, held in directors’ residences. Minutes from these meetings were emailed to members and posted on the HOA website.The News section of LakeInterlochen.Com carried photos and stories during 2021 about the Christmas Boat Parade, Christmas Lights winners, Halloween, National Night Out, the July 4thBoat Parade, stocking the lake with tilapia; posted were a photograph of the monster 68-pound fish caught by Ed Klobas, a beautiful morning Old Channel scene photo by Kitty Miller, and drone video footage taken by Jeff Coombes of our neighborhood covered in snow and ice in that frigid February.

Pendleton informed that, as was done in 2021, the neighborhood Directory will be emailed in two formats, Word document and PDF, and there will be two editions during 2022.

Treasurer Turner presented our excellent financial condition, pointing out that once again we did not have to draw from our reserve fund to pay for expenses during the year. Dues payments are on a pace consistent with previous years. On December 31, 2021, total assets of $214,621 represented an 8 percent increase over year-end 2020. Net income for 2021 was approximately $9,400. Expenses, totaling $26,234, were in line compared to previous years.

Lake Committee Chair Lester described significant accomplishments: dredging the ends of the Old Channel (Loch Lomond and Findlay) and the South Channel (Loch Lomond and San Juan); improvements to our impound area; and successful beaver trapping with two adults and two juveniles relocated to a lake north of Dallas. As part of the dredging operation in the Old Channel, numerous tree trunks and large limbs were removed with underwater chain saws. This will make it much safer for boats utilizing the end of the channel.

The rains throughout the year, and gravity flow from the impound, continued to maintain water levels at optimum and testing for e-coli showed water quality continued to be excellent. Wiring was repaired and the motor replaced with our spare motor on the fountain at the North Channel end. The two outbreaks of algae we experienced during 2021 were normal for most lakes and ponds in Texas. The annual stocking of tilapia into various channels was done in the spring.

Lester reported that in order to maintain the integrity of our impound area on Rush Creek we would install 100 feet of galvanized sheet pilings as a protective wall between our silo pumping system and the waterway, stopping the encroachment of silt. But due to the complexity of required permits from the Army Corps of Engineers, it became necessary to scale down the proposed project to a simple maintenance job of removing the silt with a backhoe and strategically placing it around the silo. The work was completed in late October; regularly scheduled maintenance will be required to keep the area clean of sediment, vegetation and debris.

In November, repairs were made to the dam where some concrete had detached from the bottom. About 50 percent of the repairs were completed before rising waters forced a postponement of work. The reliability of the dam is still good, according to the contractor, who will complete the job once waters have receded.

Director DeVries was moved from the Architectural Committee to Lester’s Water Committee, joining directors Seipel and Pendleton, and HOA member Brian Dawson.

Architectural Committee Chair Cubbage reported a busy year with nine requests for review of plans for various home improvement projects; all were approved. Board member Slauter serves with Cubbage on this committee.

Five directors (Sobel, Cubbage, Keathley, DeVries, Seipel) were re-elected for two-year terms. The meeting adjourned at 7:50 p. m. The next Board meeting will be March 14.

Minutes submitted by Roger Pendleton