Meeting Minutes – September 20, 2021

Lake Interlochen HOA Board Meeting
September 20, 2021 @ Sobel residence

Directors attending: Ralph Sobel, Bruce Turner, Roger Pendleton, Brenda Cubbage, Ken Seipel, Bryon DeVries, Nancy Weaver, Chris Slauter, Bryan Keathley, Tony Lester

President Sobel called the meeting to order at 7 p.m.
Minutes from the last Board meeting on July 26, 2021 were approved.

Treasurer Turner reported this year’s expenses remain manageable at $13,680 with income $16,973. Assets are $184,769.

The Board entered executive session to discuss issues with final billing from previous accountants.

Water Committee Chair Lester reported gravity flow system has continued to maintain acceptable lake level. Tilapia doing their job keeping algae at a minimum. Fountain at end of North Channel is being replaced with our spare fountain so it can be checked for broken seals.  Dredging at the South Channel and the Old Channel will be done week of October 12. Beaver damage was reported by a Findlay Drive resident and Lester advised wrapping the targeted shrubbery in chicken wire. Our trapper will renew his work later in October. Routine maintenance in the impound area should begin later this month.

Architectural Committee member Slauter reported the committee reviewed and approved three projects since last meeting: new roof on Findlay Drive, new exterior painting of house on Crowley Road, and the beginning of long-term remodeling of a Loch Lomond residence.

The Board voted unanimously not to increase homeowner’s dues for next year.

President Sobel reminded the National Night Out on October 5 will be in the Porto Bello cul-de-sac.

The Board thanked Treasurer Turner and Water Committee Chair Lester for their recent steadfast service demanding numerous hours of work in their respective responsibilities.

The next Board meeting will be the Annual Meeting in January. The meeting adjourned at 9 p.m.
Minutes submitted by Roger Pendleton