Meeting Minutes – July 26, 2021

Lake Interlochen HOA Board Meeting
July 26, 2021 @ Sobel residence

Directors attending: Ralph Sobel, Roger Pendleton, Brenda Cubbage,Ken Seipel,Bryon DeVries, Nancy Weaver, Chris Slauter, Bryan Keathley, Bruce Turner, Tony Lester via phone

President Sobel called the meeting to order at 7 p.m.

Minutes from the last Board meeting on May 17, 2021 were approved.

Water Committee Chair Lester reported rainfall and the gravity flow system have maintained lake level at its optimum; silt in the pump is at acceptable level; tilapia have been doing their job keeping algae at a minimum — there was an outbreak of a different type of algae which is common in lakes and ponds this time of year and dissipates if nature is allowed to take it course.

Fountain at end of North Channel kept going off and was restarted by resetting the GFI. It was replaced with our spare fountain but problem continued. Maintenance will be evaluating the electronics. An electrician may be required, but first Director DeVries, quite the handyman, will check it out.

Lester detailed a proposal from American Underwater Services to clean out the ends of the South Channel and the Old Channel; and a separate proposal for tree stump removal at the end of the Old Channel.  The Board voted unanimously to approve a motion by Director Keathley and seconded by Vice President Weaver to authorized the expenditure of approximately $16,000 for the projects, which will start in about four weeks.

Beaver trapping is showing success, as three beavers (two large adults and one juvenile) were trapped in separate areas of Lake Interlochen and relocated to a lake north of Dallas.

The continuing silt buildup in our impound area has created problems and the Board voted to do some maintenance work to alleviate the situation.

Treasurer Turner reported that expenses are normal and current assets are $187,758.

Architectural Committee Chair Cubbage cited several projects the committee members were involved with including a backyard construction project on Loch Lomond, driveway installation on Findlay, exterior house painting job on Findlay, a seasonal canopy on Westwood, and a new lakeside retaining wall at a Findlay Drive residence.

The Board heard a recap of the 16th Annual Lake Interlochen Independence Day Boat Parade and Secretary Pendleton reported that a parade story and lots of photos have been published on our website. Residents’ planting of flowering shrubs in Bob Findlay Linear Park was recognized. President Sobel reminded directors of a city Planning & Zoning meeting on August 4 where an apartment project at Randol Mill and Green Oaks may be discussed. A huge majority of Interlochen, Millbrook and other nearby residents are opposed to the development and plan to attend the meeting at City Hall.

The next Board meeting was scheduled for September 20. The meeting adjourned at 8:30 p.m.
Minutes submitted by Roger Pendleton