Meeting Minutes – March 15, 2021

Lake Interlochen HOA Board Meeting
March 15, 2021 @ Slauter residence

Directors attending:Ralph Sobel, Roger Pendleton, Dot Wightman, Ken Seipel,Chris Slauter, Tony Lester, Bryan Keathley, Bruce Turner, Bryon DeVries
Absent:Brenda Cubbage, Nancy Weaver

President Sobel called the meeting to order at 7 p.m. He welcomed Byron DeVries. A San Juan resident, DeVries fills the position of Dot Wightman on the Board and on the Architectural Committee. Dot is retiring from the Board after 14 years of service.

Officers and committee chairs agreed to continue serving in their respective roles: Ralph Sobel as president, Nancy Weaver as vice president, Roger Pendleton as secretary, Bruce Turner as treasurer.  Architectural Committee: Brenda Cubbage as chair, with Chris Slauter and Byron DeVries. Water Committee: Tony Lester as chair, with Ken Seipel, Roger Pendleton and three non-board members.

Secretary Pendleton reported minutes from the last Board meeting, the 48thAnnual Meeting held on January 11, were approved by Directors via email. He said distribution of the 2021 Spring/Summer edition of the Lake Interlochen Directory is most likely this week as he and Sobel are proofing final revisions.

Treasurer Turner reported total current assets of $196,166. Expenses are in line. There are eight residents with outstanding HOA dues totaling $2,818.

The Board approved Water Committee Chair Lester’s order of 155 pounds of tilapia at $10 per pound, which is the same cost as last year. Keathley made a motion and Turner seconded it that going forward the Board approves the annual purchase of tilapia not to exceed $2,000.  Stocking of the lake with tilapia is normally in April when water temperature warms.

Lester said recent rainfall and the gravity flow system have maintained lake level at its optimum. Water testing is planned for May, prior to Memorial Day. All the fountains are working normally. He and his committee will soon be inspecting ends of the Middle, South and Old Channels to determine if any dredging needs to be performed. Several sightings of beavers and their damage have recently been reported and our trapper plans to search the lake within the next couple of weeks. The silt level in the pump silo is still at acceptable levels, and is being checked regularly by our maintenance person.

In response to requests from President Sobel, the City of Arlington has provided forms the HOA must complete to proceed with our project to remedy the problem of the impound shrinking in size. This is due to upstream silt and debris encroaching and building up on the shore. The situation is of concern to the Board because the HOA owns water rights to the impound, a source of water for Lake Interlochen. Lester reviewed the requirements with our contractor who then met with city officials to further explain what the project entailed. The first step is a meeting with the Corps of Engineers and we are waiting to hear back. In the meantime, another meeting with our contractor and his engineers is scheduled for next week.

Filling in for Architectural Committee Chair Cubbage, committee member Slauter reported upcoming meetings with a Findlay Drive resident planning a deck and pool equipment replacement project and a San Juan resident searching for a solution to adding a garage and staying in compliance with HOA Covenants.

Directors are planning a Findlay park clean up event, as trash throughout the park and along Rush Creek and Village Creek has become intolerable. Details for the event are being discussed.

The next Board meeting was scheduled for May 17. The meeting adjourned at 9 p.m.
Minutes submitted by Roger Pendleton