Meeting Minutes – March 9, 2020

Lake Interlochen HOA Board Meeting
March 9, 2020 @ Keathley residence

ATTENDING: Ralph Sobel, Ken Seipel, Chris Slauter, Bruce Turner,

Tony Lester, Roger Pendleton, Bryan Keathley, and Brenda Cubbage via phone from Wyoming.

ABSENT: Dot Wightman and Nancy Weaver

GUESTS: San Paulo residents Jim Irion and Warren Moseley

Meeting called to order at 7 p.m. Minutes of last meeting,

January 14, 2020, were approved.

Irion complemented the city for excellent work in re-grading San Paulo and Findlay intersection. He also complained about the work of AT&T in ”tearing up” his yard in laying underground fiber optic cable.

Moseley reported a beaver sighting in the Old Channel, which is the first beaver seen in several months. Sobel explained that the problem of damage caused by beavers has diminished due to residents taking preventative action to discourage beavers from venturing upon their property.

All officers and committee chairs agreed to continue serving in their respective roles: Ralph Sobel as president, Nancy Weaver as vice president, Bruce Turner as treasurer, Roger Pendleton as secretary.

Architectural Committee: Brenda Cubbage as chair, with Dot Wightman and Chris Slauter. Water Committee: Tony Lester as chair, with Ken Seipel, Roger Pendleton and three non-board members.

Treasurer Turner reported financials are in good shape. As of Feb 29, the HOA had a bank balance of $177,742, expenses for first two months of 2020 totaled $6,075; net income for January-February 2020 was $4,570. Nine HOA members have yet to pay dues.

Architecture Chair Cubbage reported she met with the Porto Bello resident and he agreed to repaint his dock from the inappropriate red to an acceptable neutral color. And she said a dock on Findlay has been redone and approved.

Water Committee Chair Lester thanked former Water Committee Chair Seipel for his many years of dedication and said he hoped to live up to Seipel’s excellent standard.

Lester reported the recent rainfall and gravity flow from the Rush Creek impound is maintaining water level at its optimum. Silt at the bottom of the silo is at 12 inches, which is acceptable as the gravity valve is still clear. Quality remains good and testing is planned for May. All fountains are working normally.

Re-stocking the lake with tilapia is scheduled for the end of April. Following a recommendation from our expert angler and Loch Lomond resident Ed Klobas, the amount of tilapia will be increased 20 pounds to 155 pounds at same cost of $10 per pound.

Keathley commented that the decision years ago to switch from chemicals to tilapia for algae control has proved to be highly successful.

As new Water Committee Chair, Lester toured the lake with Sobel in early February and paid special attention to channel ends. His assessment: West Channel will need dredging this year; North Channel will need dredging next year. South Channel remains a continuing concern because of the silt and rubbish entering the lake from the large city storm drain.

Lester will host representatives from American Sport Fish in a month or so who wish to bid on dredging services, which potentially would give the HOA a competitive position in negotiation with American Underwater Services, the company that has dredged the West and North channels.

Sobel reported the contract with TXU has been renewed with a lower rate for electricity. He also reported that the city’s flood control study has been completed and forwarded to FEMA and Corps of Engineers for review. The HOA board awaits the city’s announcement of its flood control plans for Rush Creek and Village Creek.

President Sobel informed the board that potential development projects on Division Street that could have a negative impact on the Lake Interlochen community are being monitored.

Next board meeting was set for May 11, 2020

Meeting adjourned at 8:30 p.m.

Minutes submitted by Roger Pendleton