Meeting Minutes – October 7, 2019

Lake Interlochen HOA Board Meeting
October 7, 2019 @ Wightman residence

ATTENDING: Ralph Sobel, Ken Seipel, Dot Wightman, Dan Clement, Brenda Cubbage, Chris Slauter, Bruce Turner, Nancy Weaver
ABSENT: Bryan Keathley, Roger Pendleton
GUESTS: Tony Lester, Gordon Frisch, Clive Webster, Tom Wightman, and Water Committee member Phil Anderson

Meeting called to order at 7 p.m. Minutes of last meeting, July 8, 2019, were approved.

Architectural Committee reported approval for an anti-beaver “beaver fence” for a Montreau resident. Webster asked about solar energy and will submit a project for his San Juan home.

Treasurer Turner’s third quarter review of expenses shows them about 5% under last year. Electricity is high due to running fountains 24/7 to prevent algae. Director Cubbage will review our current electricity contract prior to next renewal.  Board voted unanimously to keep 2020 dues at current level with no increase. HOA assets as of September 30 are $154,801.

Water Committee Chair Seipel reported algae under control as tilapia are doing their job. Water quality remains good. Fountain repairs have been minimal recently.

Lake water levels are down significantly due to the current drought. Rush Creek is several feet below the dam and below our intake screen. Seipel said we are going to use this low water opportunity to make repairs to the dam and clear silt from the impound silo.

Anderson documented damage to the dam and supplied detailed photos of the sections of the dam requiring repair. A meeting with a contractor who has done previous work on the dam is scheduled.

Seipel expressed a desire to reduce his duties due to health issues. Lester volunteered his services and will join the meeting at the dam. Frisch also offered to help in the future and already has helped several neighbors with waterside tree trimming.

During September a large tree limb in the Old Channel was removed. Findlay Drive resident Brian Dawson assisted.

National Night Out and West Division Lofts were reviewed.

Meeting adjourned at 8:55 p.m.

Minutes submitted by Roger Pendleton from notes by Ralph Sobel and Nancy Weaver