Meeting Minutes – July 8, 2019

Lake Interlochen HOA Board Meeting
July 8, 2019 @ Slauter residence

ATTENDING: Ralph Sobel, Ken Seipel, Dot Wightman, Dan Clement, Brenda Cubbage, Roger Pendleton, Chris Slauter, Bruce Turner
ABSENT: Bryan Keathley, Nancy Weaver  GUEST: John Blackstone

Meeting called to order at 7 p.m. Minutes of last meeting, May 20, 2019, were approved.

San Juan resident Blackstone voiced his, and numerous neighbors, concerns about excessive and intrusive dog barking. The Board acknowledged it is a major community-wide problem. The Ask Arlington app was discussed as one avenue to address this problem. Ask Arlington includes a “Barking Dog” section where users can pinpoint on a map where the nuisance is located.

Secretary Pendleton announced a new feature on the website ( titled “Your HOA Dues at Work.”  A drop-down item under HOA on the main menu, the page currently includes stories and photos on dredging of the North Channel and cleanout of the lake’s outflow structure.

Water Committee Chair Seipel reported on the current concern of most residents: the green color of the water with green specks. Seipel summarized information he received from experts:

The condition is common this time of year as water temperatures approach season high levels. The specks are associated with ‘blue green algae’ that appear from now until late September when water temperatures begin to cool. Wind and water circulation would help the cleansing process. Chemicals are not an option to correct this condition. If an algaecide is applied, as algae decomposes it will consume oxygen and risk dropping dissolved oxygen rates to low levels that could cause a fish kill. Altering present conditions will just lead to another side affect that could cause more damaging consequences. Our tilapias are working overtime, gobbling up as much vegetation as they can. By fall they should be large.

Directors agreed to run the fountains 24 hours a day and let nature take its course. Cooler temperatures are the main influence to remedy the situation. The current condition is not harmful; it just looks bad – unless you like that yellowish greenish color.

Seipel said that, although rains and gravity flow from our impound continue to maintain lake levels, after the last deluge it was noted that our water level was higher than normal and remained at that higher level. This prompted an inspection and cleanout of the outflow structure.

Tree limbs hanging lower than 10 feet above the navigational channels were trimmed specifically for the July 4thBoat Parade. Additional trimming down the Old Channel is planned. Residents were advised they would be invoiced for their share of the labor, which will amount to about $75.

The fountain at the southern end of the Old Channel needed to be replaced with our spare fountain. It has been repaired at a cost of $213 and is ready if needed.

North Channel end was successfully dredged as planned late May. The Geisels were most accommodating, allowing access to the canal through their Porto Bello property as well as keeping the crew informed about severe storms in the area. John Geisel invited them to use his home for safety if needed.

The 14thannual Lake Interlochen Independence Day Boat Parade received rave reviews from residents, President Sobel reported.

Secretary Pendleton was honored as Grand Marshal, joining the list of residents Vernon Porter, Jim Haskell, Carole Findlay, and Ken Seipel, who have been recognized for their contributions to the Lake Interlochen community.

There was no new Architectural Committee activity, but Chair Brenda Cubbage reported that one project on Findlay has been finished and a major remodeling job on San Paulo is nearing completion.

Treasurer Turner’s report showed only one HOA member with unpaid dues, expenses are normal, and our assets as of June 30 are $158,299.

Sobel related the good news that apparently the Loch n Green 4 residential development project is dead. Arlington’s Fire Marshal is reported to have rescinded approval for access off Division Street. The Lake Interlochen HOA was concerned by potential flooding and downstream silting created by the proposed development.

National Night Out is October 1, Sobel said, and unless something changes Porto Bello will host the event.

Next board meeting was scheduled for October 7, 2019.

Meeting adjourned at 8:45 p.m.

Minutes submitted by Roger Pendleton, July 9, 2019