Meeting Minutes – March 4, 2019

Lake Interlochen HOA Board Meeting
March 4, 2019 @ Wightman residence

ATTENDING: Ralph Sobel, Ken Seipel, Dot Wightman, Dan Clement, Brenda Cubbage, Bryan Keathley, Nancy Weaver, Roger Pendleton, Chris Slauter. ABSENT: Bruce Turner GUEST: Sgt. Aaron Scott, Arlington Police

Meeting called to order at 7 p.m.
Minutes of last meeting, January 15, 2019, were approved.

All officers and committee chairs agreed to continue serving in their respective roles: Ralph Sobel as President, Nancy Weaver as vice president, Bruce Turner as treasurer, Roger Pendleton as Secretary. Architectural Committee: Brenda Cubbage as chair, with Dot Wightman and Chris Slauter. Water Committee: Ken Seipel as chair, with Dan Clement, Roger Pendleton and two non-board members.

Sgt. Scott reported details of two February 27 parcel thefts from front porches on Crowley Road and Findlay Drive and explained how important 911 calls are when made as soon as possible by residents.

For example, if 911 had been called the day of the thefts police could have saturated the neighborhood with patrols – chances are the bad guys would still be in the area. He stressed never feel apologetic about calling 911. Even if the caller doesn’t wish to file an official report, not wanting their name known, the expediency of the 911 call is invaluable, Sgt. Scott said.

Architectural Control Committee activities have been slow, although Wightman told of an alarming phone call from a Crowley Road resident suspecting a neighbor plans to build a carport and a swimming pool; Cubbage said no such plans have been submitted and her committee would look into the matter.

Treasurer’s report shows total assets as of Feb. 28, 2019 at $161,487.  Income and expenses for first two months of 2019 were normal — $11,018 income and $6,413 expenses ($2,413 of the expenses was for renewal of HOA liability insurance).

Water Committee Chair Seipel reports rains and gravity flow from our impound continue to maintain lake level at optimum. Water quality remains good; testing is planned for May. Annual re-stocking the lake with tilapia for algae control is scheduled for late April as soon as water temperature gets above 65 degrees. Cost for 135 pounds of tilapia stays the same as it has for last several years at $1,485.

The 100-year deluge last fall resulted in major silting of our impound area, which the Water Committee is addressing. Silt was cleaned off the top grate of the silo. There is 6 to 12 inches of silt in bottom of silo blocking the pump. Since the gravity flow system is working, Seipel said plans are to delay clearing out silt until pumping is required. He also announced plans to cover the top of the silo.

Dredging end of the North Channel is planned for April, after water temperature tops the 45 degrees required for the coagulant to effectively separate water from silt.

Residents guilty of low hanging trees over the water will be notified this month to have limbs trimmed to about 10 feet above water surface to allow safe navigation for boats.

President Sobel was informed via email from a Findlay Drive resident that they are in contact with the city parks department about cleanup and mowing in Findlay Park, a chore Interlochen residents believe is overdue.

Next board meeting was scheduled for May 20, 2019

Meeting adjourned at 8:30 p.m.

Minutes submitted by Roger Pendleton, March 5, 2019