Meeting Minutes – January 15, 2019

Lake Interlochen HOA 46thAnnual Meeting
January 15, 2019 @ St. Stephen United Methodist Church

Directors attending: Ralph Sobel, Bryan Keathley, Dot Wightman, Ken Seipel, Roger Pendleton, Brenda Cubbage, Bruce Turner, Dan Clement, Chris Slauter, Nancy Weaver.   Guests: From the Arlington Police Department, Deputy Chief Carol Riddle, Lt. Brad Norman and Sgt. Aaron Scott.

Meeting arrangements were handled by Wightman; she, Slauter, and Alice Sobel provided refreshments. 27 homes were represented; 35 members were in attendance.

President Sobel called the meeting to order at 7 p.m.

Deputy Chief Riddle, a 19-year Arlington Police Department veteran, hit the highlights of current activities in the city with an overview of police department programs, including Mentoring Arlington Youth and Coach 5-0. She reported that citywide crime was down, continuing the trend in Arlington.  She advised residents to be aware of men walking around the neighborhood dressed like workers with those familiar reflective vests and hardhats offering tree trimming and other jobs – it’s a scam, she warned. Anyone soliciting at your door must carry a Door-to-Door Solicitor Permit and residents should asked to see it, the deputy chief said.

Secretary Pendleton reported that in 2018 there were five board meetings, each lasting about two hours. Minutes from all meetings are emailed to HOA members and are posted on the website,

Pendleton displayed a poster of the newly redesigned website and pointed out some functionality. He stated the Board was pleased how the new site showcases the unique character of the neighborhood and hoped residents would be proud to refer folks to the website for a look at life in Lake Interlochen.

This year the resident directory will be emailed in two formats, Pendleton explained. In addition to the Word document, residents will receive the directory as a PDF file. The 2019 edition is scheduled to be distributed this month and an updated version will be emailed in the Fall. Pendleton said, “Ralph will continue emailing updates throughout the year so if your phone numbers or email addresses change be sure to notify us.”

Treasurer Turner reported a positive year, not having to pull any funds out of savings. As of December 31, 2018, the HOA assets were $173,393, with $122,317 in our Money Market savings account earning the HOA about $100 per month. Reversing a two-year downward trend, expenses in 2018 included one time-charges of $2,400 for dam repair and $7,400 for dredging the West Channel end and removing submerged and above-surface tree trunks. Eighty-five of the 140 members have paid their dues, and Turner said he expected the 55 members to remit payment during January, which is customary.

Director Seipel, chairman of the Lake Maintenance Committee, thanked his committee, which includes directors Clement and Pendleton and non-board members Phil Anderson and David Duperre. He said former director Vernon Porter continues to provide help. Seipel received applause for his steadfast work in keeping the lake in excellent condition.

Significant achievements in 2018, Seipel cited, were the repair of our dam on Rush Creek; dredging the end of West Channel; and removal of underwater and exposed tree trunks, which have caused damage to boats.

With help from summer and fall rains, we were able to maintain the water level and quality at optimum throughout 2018, Seipel reported. He said re-stocking the lake with tilapia for algae control is scheduled for late April. All the fountains were run 24 hours a day in late summer, helping our successful control of algae.

Seipel said the 100-year deluge in September-October resulted in major silting of our impound area. The silt is now above the original silo height. Fortunately, we increased the silo height two feet a few years ago, and added an underwater culvert out toward the middle of Rush Creek to get better quality and quantity of water. Fountain maintenance was routine in 2018, Seipel said, with the purchase of a new motor, parts, and LED light replacements.

Dredging the North Channel end is scheduled for the first quarter 2019. Seipel said dredging of the West Channel end showed that the underwater suction system provided by American Underwater Services is much more effective for removing silt than our old pitch fork and plastic bag method, and the results will last much longer.

Director Cubbage, after she acknowledged the two members of her Architectural Control Committee, Wightman and Slauter, told those in attendance that good old common sense was what guided the Architectural Control Committee. She suggested that the first step for HOA members planning a home improvement project is to talk to their neighbors, and explain the project. Then they should contact any member of the committee to obtain approval before commencing the project, including submitting plans, drawings, details for materials, grades, etc. Cubbage said “9 out of 10 projects are approved.” She reported several projects were evaluated and approved during 2018.

Proposed changes to the HOA Covenants were overwhelmingly approved, 30 votes to 3, which included votes from those in attendance and by mail.

The key revisions are:

  • The construction or maintenance of signs, billboards, or advertising structures of any kind on any lot is prohibited, except that one sign or billboard advertising the rental or sale of property is permitted, provided it does not exceed 2 x 4 feet in size. Yard signage that advertises services to the residence by contractors, subcontractors or vendors shall be removed within 14 days after completion of such services.  (It was noted that this does not include security system signage).
  • Engaging in a trade or business is prohibited as also is any activity which may become an annoyance or nuisance to the neighborhood. Short term rentals of any residence for less than 90 days is strictly prohibited.
  • No permanent or floating docks or patios may exceed more than 8 feet, or less if necessary for boating safety, into or over the water of Lake System. All dock or patio replacements, repairs or installments must be approved by the Architectural Control Committee prior to the commencement of construction.
  • No gasoline powered boats are allowed on Lake System, but electrically powered boats up to three (3) horsepower are permitted. All boats should be operated with minimum wake and at low speeds in order to avoid damage to the Lake System’s walls. Be respectful of other boaters.
  • No fence or gate shall be erected or maintained on any lot or plat nearer the front street than the front wall of the residence building, and on all corner lots, not nearer the side street than the building line as shown on said plat. Fences located between the front and rear walls of the residence building may be constructed of masonry, hedge or solid wood. Fences located between the lake and the rear wall of the residence building shall be constructed of brick masonry, not to exceed three feet in height, or of decorative iron. A combination of brick masonry and decorative iron may be used between the lake and the rear wall of the residence building so long as the masonry portion, except for brick columns, does not exceed three feet in height. No wall, fence or gate shall exceed six feet in height.

Keathley mentioned that earlier in the afternoon he was in a meeting with Arlington Mayor Jeff Williams. When informed that the Lake Interlochen HOA was planning to add language to the Covenants that prohibited short-term rentals, the Mayor told Keathley that we were wise to do so.

Concerns over speeding vehicles on Westwood and Crowley were discussed. Adding speed bumps came up, but Keathley said it was extremely difficult to convince the city to install speed bumps. Since the three police officers had left the meeting, Sobel said he would forward the concerns to the police.

Five incumbent directors were re-elected by unanimous acclamation: Wightman, Turner, Slauter, Weaver, Pendleton.

The meeting ended at 8:30 p.m.

Minutes submitted by Roger Pendleton, January 16, 2019