Meeting Minutes – October 29, 2018

Lake Interlochen HOA Board Meeting
October 29, 2018 @ Sobel residence

ATTENDING: Ralph Sobel, Nancy Weaver, Ken Seipel, Dot Wightman, Dan Clement, Bruce Turner, Roger Pendleton, Chris Slauter, Bryan Keathley, Brenda Cubbage.  GUESTS: Gordon Frisch

Meeting called to order at 7 p.m. Minutes of last meeting, August 6, 2018, were approved.

There has been talk in the neighborhood about the preference of some to have the Directory in printed form rather than digital.

At the last Board meeting, President Sobel explained that the two primary reasons the Board chose to produce the directory in a Word format and email it only to residents were (1) a significant savings to HOA members and (2) that there were so many changes soon after it was distributed.

Secretary Pendleton reported on his research regarding various ways to print the neighborhood directory. Printing and 3-hole punching the 54 pages for a 3-ring binder would cost a little under $900 for 50 copies on quality paper stock. The Board agreed that paying $18, or even half that, for a copy to put in a binder is not acceptable. The emailed version can easily be printed on home printers.

Treasurer Turner inserted that one of the issues is that not everyone has Word software. He recommended distributing the Directory as an Adobe PDF file, which everyone can open on their computers or their mobile devices, in addition to the Word file. The Board agreed. The 2019 editions will be distributed in both formats.

Pendleton also reported that the new website is running smoothly and will be kept current with news items. He encourages residents to take a look at the totally redesigned site. It’s the same name as always,

Turner offered a motion which Keathley seconded, that there be no increase in HOA dues next year. The Board unanimously approved.

The Treasurer’s financial status report shows HOA assets as of September 30 were $140,941with expenses for the first nine months of 2018 at $26,913 – on the high side due to a payment of more than $6,000 to the HOA’s accounting firm covering their fees for the last three years. Cost of canal cleaning was higher than normal.

Only one resident has not paid their HOA dues. A lien has been placed on their property.

Architectural Committee chair Cubbage reported two projects approved, an upgraded deck on Montreau and a roof replacement and decking on Findlay Court. One project on Porto Bello is underway but no plans were submitted to the Architectural Committee and, due to safety concerns, the Board decided to refer the project to the city for code compliance.

A member of the Architectural Committee, Chris Slauter, reported that Montreau residents Kay and Tony Lester have recommended an upgrade to the decades-old Merry Christmas sign on the Westwood gate. The Board liked the idea and requested the Lesters prepare a proposal for the new signage so it can be voted on.

And speaking of Christmastime, Sobel reported the Arlington Police will be directing traffic during this year’s Interlochen Lights from December 14 to 25.

Water Committee chair Seipel said the water levels have returned to normal shortly after the historic rainfall of September and October. Water quality tested very good just prior to the Labor Day holiday. Water was tested for e-coli three times this past summer, with good results each time. As a result of stocking Lake Interlochen with tilapia there were no algae blooms, Seipel was pleased to report. He also was pleased that the fountains are operating as they should, although there were a few GFI trips because of the heavy downpours water leaked into junction boxes. He advised boaters to stay clear of fountains and their electrical cables.

Seipel reported two major projects were completed successfully. The West Channel end was dredged and submerged tree stumps, some hiding under the water for many years, were removed from three areas in the Old Channel. As it is a requirement for homeowners to maintain open navigation lanes for boating, the three residents were pleased to pay their fair share to have the nautical obstacles removed and the HOA covered the balance. Boaters are beaming!

The Board plans to have the North Channel end dredged First Quarter 2019.

Cubbage is preparing a proposal to amend the HOA Covenants. The main items are dock sizes, heights of fences and gates, and short-term rentals.  The Board will review and then put the proposal to a homeowners vote at the annual meeting, which is scheduled for January 15, 2019.

Meeting adjourned at 9:30 p.m.

Minutes submitted by Roger Pendleton, November 1, 2018