Meeting Minutes – May 14, 2018

Lake Interlochen HOA Board Meeting
May 14, 2018 @ Pendleton residence

ATTENDING: Ralph Sobel, Ken Seipel, Dot Wightman, Dan Clement, Bruce Turner, Roger Pendleton, Chris Slauter, Bryan Keathley. ABSENT: Brenda Cubbage, Nancy Weaver.

GUESTS: Sgt. Aaron Scott of Arlington Police Department; Ed Klobas of Loch Lommond Drive.

Meeting called to order at 7 p.m. Minutes of last meeting, March 5, 2018, were approved.

Sgt. Scott, a 10-year veteran of the APD and South District Officer of the Year, is our new beat sergeant; his geographic area of responsibility is north of Division and west of Fielder. Sgt. Scott stressed the importance of an open line of communication between residents and police, encouraging residents to call 911 and vowing to deliver relevant information to the neighborhood on a timely basis.

Klobas requested attention from the Board to get control of an ever-increasing problem with beavers in the Lake Interlochen network of channels. He illustrated the exact locations of beaver dens. The wildlife trapper that the Board had called upon previously is no longer available, so Directors voted to solicit bids from professional trappers.

Klobas reported there were several trees, including a majestic magnolia tree, that could very soon crash into the waterways due to damage caused by beavers. The Board agreed to aggressively tackle this current beaver nuisance.

Treasurer Turner reported total HOA assets as of April 30 were $159,230; expenses in first four months of 2018 were normal: $6,852, plus $1,485 for annual tilapia stocking, which will be included in next months’ expense report. Board voted to write off outdated debt of $415, deeming it uncollectable.

The Board discussed improvements to HOA website.

Director Seipel reported water level remains normal. Water quality samples will be taken this week to test lab, with results for e-coli levels reported prior to Memorial Day. Several residents complied with email requests from President Sobel and removed tree trunks from their water and trimmed low-hanging branches. Repair to our dam and impound area are underway. All fountains are operating.

Director Clement agreed to present to the Board a concept he has been working on for dredging channel ends. Directors Weaver and Cubbage were tasked by Sobel to study and make proposals to clarify our HOA covenants regarding dock sizes, fence and gate heights, and short-term rentals.

Next board meeting was scheduled for August 6.

Meeting adjourned at 9:15 p.m.

Minutes submitted by Roger Pendleton, May 15, 2018