Outflow Clean Out

Our lake maintenance program calls for periodic clean out of the outflow structure, a 30-inch diameter pipe which feeds directly into Village Creek. Some residents noticed that the lake was maintaining an above normal level, about three inches higher than usual. An extremely rainy spring contributed to the high lake levels. Early in July our maintenance crew removed debris from the outflow, mostly tree branches, and lake water began exiting as designed.


North Channel Dredging

The end of the North Channel was successfully dredged end of May. Four large containers of silt were vacuumed out by a hydraulic dredging system that removes sediment without impacting aquatic life. The HOA Board is thankful to the Geisels for allowing use of their driveway and yard for the best access.

The initial project in this new maintenance program was the dredging of the West Channel in 2018. Next scheduled dredging is the South Channel, then the Middle Channel.

Dredging channel ends is necessitated because of grass and yard clippings and other debris that fall into the lake are pushed along by winds and the natural water flow to the ends of the channels.

The following photographs are from the North Channel dredging job.