2020 – Grand Marshal was Ralph Sobel

2019 – Grand Marshal was Roger Pendleton

Competition was discontinued beginning this year.

 2018 – Grand Marshal was Ken Seipel

First— The Sobel family with their Patriotic Salute to Trumpy Bear.

Second— The Duperre family with their Pirates of Lake Interlochen.

Third — The Pendleton family with their Bull Riding grandchildren.

2017 – Grand Marshal was Carole Findlay

The three winning entries were:

 First — Lillie Owings portraying Betsy Ross sewing the American Flag riding on Roger Pendleton’s boat.

  Second – The Sobels, with Ralph starring as Donald Trump. He was a huge hit. Nothing fake about it.

Third – Peggy and Lee Jennings on Miss Peggy Lee, decorated with American flags and red, white and blue stars.

2016– Grand Marshals were Jennifer and Jim Haskell

Winning entries in the boat parade were:

First — Yolanda & Wayne Smith

Second – Ken Simoneaux

Third – Kim & Dan Clement

2015– Grand Marshal was Vernon Porter

The big winners this year were the Pendleton and Owings families, as they were awarded the Overall First Placetrophy and took First Place in the Electric Powered Boats category and SecondPlacein People Powered Boats.

SecondPlace in Electric Powered Boats went to Kathy Lowthorp and Bob Mason, and Third Place was won by Jim and Jennifer Haskell.

FirstPlace in the People Powered Boats division went to Ken Simoneaux and Third Placewas won by Peggy Crist.


First Place went to the Clement family. Their boat featured Uncle Sam and dual cannons that were fired during the parade.  Aboard the boat were kids Maggie and Anna.

Second Place went to the Seipel family. Aboard the boat were Queen Elizabeth impersonator Eileen Watkins and her aid, Jan Penland.  The Queen commented, “We come to celebrate the fight for freedom together.  While the history of 1776 is not forgotten, it is forgiven.  Keep calm and carry on!”

Third Place went to the Whitley family. Driving the boat was Tom Kerkaert.  Five-year-old Tompson sported an outrageousMohawk.  Also aboard was 2-year-old Felicity and Susan.


First Placewas won by Yvonne and Roger Pendleton and their grandchildren Avery, Lillie and Grafton Owings. Their theme was “Mom, Apple Pie, and Baseball.”

Second Placewas awarded to Rose Marie and Ken Seipel. Their theme “Let Freedom Ring” featured their grandson Connor, who stood soldier straight, on guard with rifle in hand in the bow of the boat the entire length of the parade. His sister Rylie and his parents, Julie and Ryan Edwards, played the supporting cast.

“Lady Liberty” won Third Place. Jennifer Haskell in her Statue of Liberty costume stood proudly in her boat with husband Jim at the helm with friends Ann and Jim Dixon on board.


First — Ginger and David Duperre for “a canoe full of Uncle Sams”

Second — Yvonne and Roger Pendleton for “Interlochen Calliope”

Third — Ken Simoneaux for his “tall-ship kayak”