1. Only boats owned by association members are allowed on the lake.
  2. Gasoline engines are prohibited
  3. Each boat must be marked with assigned numbers and letters no smaller than 3 ” in height on both sides toward the front.
  • Findlay Drive-FD
    Findlay Court-FC
    Westwood Drive-WD
    Montreau Court-MC
    Porto Bello Court-PB
    Crowley Road-CR
    San Juan Court-SJ
    Loch Lomond Drive-LL
    San Paulo Court-SP

*If your address is 1416 Porto Bello Court, your boat registration number would be: 1416PB

  1. Association members and their immediate families may fish any or all parts of the lake.
  2. Association members may allow guests to fish from their lot only. Guests are not allowed to fish from a boat unless accompanied by a homeowner.
  3. Fish harvest recommendations will be issued from time to time to control the fish population and health.