The Findlay Award….1408 Porto Bello. What better way to honor Bob and Carole Findlay who developed Interlochen 40 years ago but to present them with this special new prize for outstanding lifetime achievement. In the future it will go to a homeowner who has been lighting up for a minimum of 30 years.

The Griswald Award….1116 Crowley. Chevy Chase would be jealous of how many bulbs the Cleveland family lights up without a blackout.

Best Theme 1…. 3122 Westwood. In their first Interlochen Christmas, the Ikers wowed everyone with an incredible manger and life-like nativity scene.

Best Theme 2….1019 Loch Lomond. Thanks to another newcomer, the Delley family, for giving us the amazing “Yellow Jeep on the Front Lawn House”

Most Artistic 1….1421 Porto Bello. Where did the Flanigans find those beautiful purple peacocks and those gi-normous Christmas bulbs?

Most Artistic 2….1106 Montreau. The Bergmann family always does a great job and finally won after being a close runner up in previous years.

Santa’s Choice….1104 Montreau. This small court had so many beautiful homes but the Jenkins family’s hand-made giant Santa made them Santa’s choice.

The Santa Award….3203 San Paolo. It was hard to find room on their lawn for the award sign among the Anderson’s many big, beautiful Santa blowups.

The People’s Choice….1000 Loch Lomond. The Shinsky’s cute penguins won the special run off vote at yesterday’s President’s Open House.