Winners of the 2011 Interlochen Christmas Lights Awards reacted with happiness and pride. Everyone is so delighted just to be a small part of a wonderful event that every year brings so much happiness to thousands of children of all ages.
The judges agreed that every year there are at least 25 homes that could have won an award. Some homes like 3201 San Paolo, 702 Loch Lomond and 1423 Porto Bello are so photogenic that they could easily win every year, but residents understand that the judges are trying to encourage as much participation as possible.

2011 winners are:

Santa Award. Keith & Barbara Reed. 1101 Crowley. We heard a rumor that this is the last year that “Qatmandu” will let “Mudcatman” get up on the roof. Their salute to Texas is always great.

Most Artistic. David & Ginger Duperre. 1122 Crowley. Their “Blitzen’s Bar” may just be the single best new piece we saw and it’s set in a tropical Christmas paradise.

Best Theme. Jim & Judy Vernor. 1200 Crowley. These crazy folks do more at Halloween than many people do at Christmas. Where do they store those 1001 Dalmatians?

Griswald Award. Ron & Val Renfro. 1023 Loch Lomond. Chevy Chase would be proud of their fantastic new icicle lights and all their other bling.

Santa’s Choice. Jorge Varela & Kristin Drauschke. 1417 Porto Bello. A train? A plane? An iceberg? A snow-making machine? Seriously? These guys are so nuts they make the rest of us look sane!

Crowley Road collectively did an amazing job.

Last year for the first time we established a new award, voted on by all the neighbors from among three nominees at the President’s Open House. The winner this year is:

People’s Choice. Bill & Verina Farris. 1118 Crowley. The best “Merry Christmas” sign in the neighborhood. Their home looks like it came right out of the Swiss Alps.

This year, long time resident and Past President Vernon Porter donated two additional signs to use for special awards. The winners are:

Best Theme II. Kirk & Nichelle Wiggins. 1419 Porto Bello. We wanted to recognize at least one spiritual display and this one has light, color and beautiful music, too.

Most Artistic II. Joseph & Patricia Lukaska. 704 Loch Lomond. We wanted to recognize the best newcomer and these guys have done an incredible job after moving in only 30 days ago.